Student training with The Perfect Practice workbook

Welcome to ClaimGear!

On this tab there are detailed step-by-steps (1-19) below for you to follow and learn both the ClaimGear  billing software and the           
S. I. Manager .  Begin with the Introduction and make your way through each step in sequence. Anytime you see the video icon , click on it to begin watching the full video clip for that step. The video clips contain audio and will require earphones or speakers. The verbiage and image content within each step below is taken directly from the ClaimGear Student User Manual.

Begin Here
Chapters 2:
Opening ClaimGear &
Register Access Key Code
Chapter 3:
Schedule Appointments
Chapter 4: 
Patient Registration

Chapter 5:
Claim Entry For Rocky Shore, West Point, Sunset Springs, Maple Hills, Hidden Cities, Harbor Lake      (CMS-1500 Form)

Chapter 6:
       Claim Entry For     
Crown Valley, Cherry Hills
(UB-04 Form)

Chapter 7:
Claim Entry For Prime Smile
(ADA-J430 Form)

Chapter 8:
Payment Posting

Chapter 9:
Practice Revenue Reporting

Chapter 10:
S. I. Manager

Chapter 11:
CMS - 1500 Specs
Chapter 12:
UB-04 Specs
Chapter 13:
ADA - J430 Specs

Chapter 14:
Add Payers

Step 14: Chapter 15 - Add Referring and Primary Care Physicians
Chapter 15:
Add Referring and Primary Care Physicians

Chapter 16:

Chapter 17:
 Log Out

Step 17
How to enter patients
In ClaimGear

Step 18
How to score the patients

Step 19
Apply for Your
Certificate of Achievement