First day of ClaimGear class:

1. Receive from your instructor your student login and password, and write it in the space provided at the front of the workbook.


2. Receive the Corrections to the Perfect Practice Workbook, either by your instructor or print it yourself.  It is located on this website, Library tab, Corrections.


3. Update your workbook.


4. Read the Welcome to ClaimGear! in the workbook, pages 1-10.  There is a step-by-step process on page 7 also.


5. Read and become familiar with the ClaimGear Student User Manual located in the front of the workbook, beginning on page 11.


6. Begin by visiting the Training tab and click on the Perfect Practice workbook link.  Begin by watching the Introduction video and continue to watch the Step 1 video. 


7. Complete Step 1 now (only the Allen college is not required to register a Username who will skip this part of instructions.) 


8. Continue with your training and assignment by moving forward to Step 2.

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