Welcome to ClaimGear!

ClaimGear billing software is designed to prepare students for prosperous careers in the health care industry. After graduation students often find job placement in medical practices and billing services. These organizations greatly benefit from the ClaimGear real-world equivalent, CollaborateMD. Designed to optimize the financial and clinical workflow for any type of healthcare practice, CollaborateMD delivers increased revenue and net profit improvement for thousands of providers nationwide.
To reward both the students recommending our product and the offices purchasing our software, CollaborateMD has instituted a special graduate incentive program. After the requirements of the program are met, CollaborateMD will present the referral amount to referring students and a discount to new customers! To help you take advantage of this offer, we will periodically send updates about new products, features, and special announcements for students. For more information and terms and conditions, please visit http://info.collaboratemd.com/cmd-referral-program  Program terms and conditions subject to change and can be found here.  
We sincerely hope you enjoy learning on our state-of-the-art software, and we look forward to preparing you for a prosperous career in the health care industry.