Step 2 - Schedule Appointments

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The first part of the patient visit process takes place when the patient calls to make an appointment with the physician; therefore, the first part of your assignment is to schedule the appointments.

Following are the page numbers for each Patient Registration section:

 Rocky Shore pg 115   West Point  pg 285
 Crown Valley pg 419 Prime Smile Dentistry pg 989
 Rocky Shore A pg 110  West Point A pg 300
 Crown Valley A pg 394 Prime Smile Dentistry A pg 494
 Rocky Shore B pg 170  West Point B pg 350 Crown Valley B pg 444 Prime Smile Dentistry B pg 564
 Rocky Shore C pg 228  Sunset Springs pg 553  Maple Hills pg 707
 Hidden Cities pg 855

elect the Scheduler –F9 to schedule the patient’s appointments.

Four Steps to Schedule an Appointment
1.  Select the proper appointment date.
Below is a picture of the scheduler as it looks when it first opens. 
To begin, you must select the month, date, and year on the calendar to the left; then click the Retrieve button. 

You can also change the Time Slot Size, per the lengths of your appointments (e.g. 30 minutes). 

2.  Determine in which column your appointment needs to be scheduled.
Whatever date you retrieved will now display below the resources (titles of the columns).  Be sure to read your appointment list and schedule according to the patient’s resource, which can be by doctor, specialty, room, equipment, or just date of appointment.  For example, the resources for Rocky Shore are the specialties (i.e. Chiropractic, Dermatology, Pediatrics, and Primary Care). 

3.  Select the time and appointment type
Right-click on the time you want to schedule your appointment; to the right, a box displays with appointment types.  Choose the corresponding type based on the information provided on your appointment list.


4.  Complete the New Appointment screen (1 Appointment tab and 2 Patient tab).
      A.  The New Appointment screen opens under the 1 Appointment tab.  Double check the Appt Date, Time, and Length fields match your assignment.  Now choose the Type (select an appointment type if you haven’t already done so), by clicking on the arrow and selecting from the drop-down list.
     B.  Now, click the 2 patient tab, enter the patient's Last Name and First; then click the SAVE button. 

After you click the Save button, the following message will display.  Since you do not have the patient’s address to type in, click the Save Patient as Incomplete button to continue.  You will complete the patient’s address when you begin the patient registration process (the next section of the workbook).

The main scheduling screen displays where you can verify the appointment has been scheduled.

To continue with scheduling the rest of your patient’s appointments, if it’s the same date of service, simply continue by selecting the correct time field.  If it’s a different date, be sure to use the calendar to select and retrieve the new date.
Schedule a Follow-up Visit
In the West Point section, you will be assigned to schedule follow-up appointments.  Follow the three steps after the initial appointment has been made:
1.     Right-click on the patient’s name in the schedule.  Select Schedule Follow-up.  (It will look as though nothing happens).
2.     Right-click on another blank time slot (any time slot) and select Insert Appointment.
3.     The New Appointment window will pop up.  Enter the date and time for the follow-up visit.  Select the correct Appointment Type; then
        click the Save button.  Click the Save Patient as Incomplete button.                 
Print the Schedule
To print the appointments scheduled, click the 2 Search tab. 

1.  To print all appointments scheduled, change the Date Range to “Any.”

2.  After the date range is selected to Any, click the Search button; and click the Print button.

Your results display as shown below.