Step 14 - Add Referring and Primary Care Physicians

Training Video

In Referring –F10, you can Add a referring and primary care physician to the database.  Enter these physicians here and then select them in Patient –F2 or Claim –F1.

 Following are the page numbers for the Referring and Primary Care Physician listings:

 Rocky Shore pg 111   West Point pg 281  Crown Valley pg 415
 Rocky Shore A pg 108  West Point A pg 298  Crown Valley A pg 409
 Rocky Shore B pg 168  West Point B pg 348 Crown Valley B pg 459
 Rocky Shore C pg 226  Sunset Springs pg 547  Hidden Cities pg 849

To begin, click the Add button.



Complete the following four required fields with the information provided in the workbook:
        1.     Ind. Last name, First name, MI
        2.     Credentials
        3.     State
        4.     National Provider Identifier

Click the Save button.