Step 13 - Add Payers

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Payer = Insurance Company

In Payers –F6, you can Add a payer to the database.  You must enter the payer information here first and then you can select the payer in Patient –F2 or Claim –F1.

Click the Add button to begin.


Create a Payer to Submit Electronically
Click the Select Electronic Link button.  If you don’t click this button and choose to add in the payer manually, see the next page on creating a payer manually. 



A window displays for you to enter in the partial name of the payer.  Click the Search button.

The Master Payer database displays for you to select the proper payer by clicking it.  See United Healthcare for an example. 

Select the payer name that is identical or similar to the insurance name on the Patient Registration form.


After selected, the payer name displays in the screen, where you can edit and add all the remaining information for this specific payer.

The four fields to complete are:

 1.     Payer Name: The name can be edited to match your workbook exactly.

 2.     Address

 3.     City, State, ZipCode

 4.     Payer Type 

After it is completed, click the Save button.  This payer is officially added to your ClaimGear database and is now available when completing patient registrations.


Create a Payer Manually to Submit by Paper
If the Electronic Link was not selected and you entered the payer information manually, when you click the Save button, the following message displays for you to click the Continue button.