Step 1 - Open ClaimGear

Training Video

To access ClaimGear, click on the following icon on your desktop:

You will see the following screen display; it takes a moment for the application to open.

After the application opens, the login page displays, also known as the main page or System tab.
See the next page for Main Page – System tab information.
Main Page - System Tab
 The software opens on the System tab, which is the main Welcome screen in ClaimGear .  Here, you can:

 1.     Log into ClaimGear.

 2.     Log out of ClaimGear. 

 3.     For first-time users (new students), before you can log in with your username and password, you must
        register your access key code. 

 4.     Watch the student training video clips on how to use ClaimGear .

 5.     Score your work.
Now, login to ClaimGear to register your access key code.

Register the Access Key Code

For first-time users (new students), open ClaimGear as previously instructed.  On the opening page (System tab) shown below, click on  Click here to access the Student Portal.

The Internet will open directly to the S. I. Manager (formerly called the Portalwebsite

   a. You should have written your username and password on the inside cover of your workbook .  Enter your student username and password exactly as it was given to you (it is case-sensitive); then click the Go button. 

    b. Next, enter the Access Key Code in the Activation Key field.  Your code is also provided on the inside cover of your workbook .  Enter your code exactly as it is printed in your workbook , including capital letters and hyphens.

After it says it is activated, toggle back to your ClaimGear and begin logging in (see the next page for instructions).

Login to ClaimGear

See the “Open ClaimGear” chapter.

To login, complete two fields, the Username and Password, exactly as your instructor created it.  It is case-sensitive.  Remember, you wrote your username and password on the inside cover of your workbook .

 Note the Status: NOT CONNECTED.  Click the Login button.

It proceeds to connect.


You see the Status changed to CONNECTED.

You can now begin to work on your assignment.  You have full access to the top tabs, which correlate with sections in your ClaimGear Case Study Workbook .  These sections are:


1.     Schedule Appointments---Scheduler –F9

2.     Patient Registration---Patient –F2

3.     Claim Entry---Claim –F1

4.     Posting Payments---Payment –F3


Remember to read the Welcome to ClaimGear! at the front of the workbook .